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Funky Time, new live casino game of Evolution Gaming

In recent years, live dealer casino games like Crazy Time have seen significant growth among online gamblers. They offer a unique and authentic gaming experience by offering games such as blackjack, baccarat, live roulette, and of course Funky Time, all in conjunction with professional croupiers.

These games are broadcast in real time from a casino studio allowing players to enjoy a unique and captivating gaming experience, especially in the case of Funky Time casino. This game has been further developed thanks to a live chat feature that makes the experience more real.

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Funky Time Casino Rules

Before looking at the rules of “Funky Time”, let's take a look at the history of this game.

The Funky Time is based on the famous Digiwheel technology. The game uses the principle of the prize wheel, but with 64 segments this time as well as four bonus rounds. Players therefore benefit from multiple betting options as well as higher rewards.

If you like flexible games in terms of stakes, Funky Time is a great option: it allows you to place bets between €0.10 and €1,000, with the upper limit varying depending on the casino. The 17 betting options available are displayed at the bottom of the screen, with betting chips ranging from €0.10 to €500 easily accessible below the table.

This casino game is designed to be fun and exciting, with a dynamic host and immersive gameplay.

wheel funky time live game

How to play the Funky Time live casino game?

To register for Funkie Time, go to the official page of the platform. On this page you will find a button “Register” which you will have to click to access the registration form. In it, you will have to provide your personal information such as your email address, select a unique identifier, choose a secure password and confirm it. Once you have completed the form, you can validate your registration and start enjoying the fun of the game offered by Funky Time.

To play, simply select a betting chip and place your bet on the option of your choice before the host spins the wheel. As it spins, a disco ball places random multipliers. At the end of the game, the result of the round is displayed on the screen. If the square you bet on matches where the wheel landed, you win an instant payout or you'll be taken to a bonus game.

What are the Funky Time bonuses?

The BONUS section of Funky Time has been initiated to add a dose of excitement to the game and allow you to increase your winnings. This round features four unique bonus options that will spice up your gaming experience. Expect massive bet multipliers while staying immersed in the Funky Time vibe.

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Stayin' Alive

stayin alive bonus funky time

As its name suggests, this bonus is inspired by the classic disco song of the same name and offers unique interactive gaming entertainment. At the start of the bonus, you must choose a colored ball from among three possible choices: green, purple or orange. The balls then begin to be drawn from the machine and their corresponding multiplier gradually increases.

Once all the balls have been drawn, the multiplier value of the ball you have chosen is applied to your bet. With this feature, you can win big while having fun to driving disco beats.


VIP Disco Bonus


vip disco funky time australia

VIP Disco Bonus is an exclusive one-wheel game that offers jaw-dropping multipliers of up to 1,500x your bet amount. Once you activate this feature, you will find yourself on the dance floor with the presenter Mr. Funky, where the multipliers will appear around you.

The round will end immediately when Mr. Funky leaves the dance floor. So you have to hope the spinning wheel gives you enough massive multipliers to win you big with this VIP feature!



funky time live disco bonus

Funky Time's Disco Bonus is an immersive dance experience that lets you dance with Mr. Funky on the dance floor for massive multipliers. The game also takes place on a rotating wheel, accompanied by a cheering crowd and flashing lights. The goal is simple: you have to hope that the wheel turns in the right direction so that Mr. Funky can collect all the multipliers that are in his path.

The bonus ends once Mr. Funky leaves the dance area. You must then cross your fingers that he stays as long as possible in order to accumulate important rewards. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a shy newbie, this bonus is sure to add excitement and winnings to your Funky Time playtime.


Bonus Bar

Bonus Bar funky time live

The Bonus Bar is a must-have feature of Funky Time Live, once again giving you a chance to multiply your winnings. With six dedicated slots on the wheel, this bonus is triggered when a player lands on one of them.

Upon entering this feature, a robot introduces itself as a bartender. It will offer you three tempting drink options, each hiding a unique multiplier that will be applied to your bet to determine your bonus wins. To excel, feel free to show off your drink selection skills.


What is the best promotion to play Funky Time?

5Gringos Casino is offering a generous welcome Bonus of 100% up to $3000. All new players can easily take advantage of this exclusive offer by registering at 5Gringos Casino.

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Funky Time casino playable on mobile

Funky Time's game interface is very attractive and colorful, with a fantastic setting that immerses you directly in a lively and hectic atmosphere.

On mobile, the digital wheel, DigiWheel, is at the center of the action and offers a more than captivating experience. The animations are smooth and the sound effects very realistic, adding an extra dimension to your gaming pleasure. In addition, the presence of a live animator gives an impression of authenticity and conviviality.

Furthermore, the interface is very intuitive and easy to use. You can place your bets by simply dragging the chips to the desired options. You can also repeat your last bet with just one click, making it easier to manage your bankroll. The mobile interface also has interesting betting features, such as the possibility of betting on all the letters or betting on the 4 bonus games offered.

The chips increase in value to give you full control over how much you want to bet on each option.

Can I play Funky Time Casino for free?

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to play at Funky Time Casino for free, as it is a live game with dealers. However, it is important to note that Funky Time Casino is a relatively new game in the world of online casinos.

Many online casino games offer demo versions for new players, but this approach can be difficult to implement for games like Funky Time. Nevertheless, it is possible that demo versions or bonus offers for live games will be available in the future.

It is also important to note that online casinos are constantly changing to adapt to the needs of players. Remember that online casinos offer live games with dealers, which means that the demand for free demo versions could increase. It is therefore possible that changes will be made in the future to offer players a more flexible and accessible playful virtual space.

Funky Time review from our casino experts

After testing Funky Time, we can say that it is an incredibly fun and addictive online casino game. With its high-quality graphics, immersive sound effects and exciting bonus games, Funky Time offers unique and entertaining game mechanics.

The digital Ferris wheel is the heart of the game, offering unique winning opportunities not to mention bonus games that are interesting and exciting. Indeed, the bonus games, which can be triggered by spinning the wheel, add an extra layer of variety to the gameplay. We particularly liked the bonus game “Any Letter” on mobile, which allows players to choose a letter to win cash prizes.

The game is easy to learn thanks to its intuitive interface, which allows you to place bets quickly and easily. Wagering options are clearly laid out, giving you full control over your bets. In addition, the interaction with the live dealers adds a personal touch to the gameplay, and reinforces the immersion in the world of the casino.

Funky Time offers high payout opportunities, which is always a plus for any online casino game. Of course, as with any game of chance, winnings are not guaranteed, but you must keep trying your luck on the Ferris wheel.

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