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How To Win at Pokies Online?

In recent years, pokies have been a trend that seems to be on the rise in the gambling sector. Pokies are gambling machines that create games of chance for their customers. Since online casinos were invented, pokies have proven to be very popular with most of the gambling fan base.

This is mainly because with pokies, you can gamble from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet and can also use any mobile device.

Also, another reason why pokies have grown so popular is because of the wide variety of options available to customers, with more still getting launched and others still in the development stage. But despite pokies being so popular, most people don't know how they work or even if there is a cheat code on how to rig the system to your favor.

Of course, we don't condone any cheating whatsoever, but it's best that you have the knowledge and not need it than not to have the knowledge and need it. Therefore, with this post, we will answer most of your burning questions while also educating you on how to play online pokies responsibly, so keep reading.

How To Play Pokies Online?

As stated above, online pokies have grown to be very popular and happen to be enjoyed by multitudes, but for those who don't know how to play them online, here’s how you go about it. First, you must ensure that the pokie you intend to play is loaded on your device.

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You must also understand that online pokies are provided and supported by online casinos, so most of the time, you’ll be required to register with the casino. This is mainly done online, so ensure that the area you want to play from has internet coverage.

Once the pokie of your choice is loaded onto your device, you are then required to decide the amount you will bet. Most pokies always have a minimum and a maximum limit which you can use to determine the amount you want to bet. Also, these limits are kept in place to enforce reasonable gambling.

Once you’ve decided on the amount, you can click the spin button to play. Usually, a pokie is divided into columns, also known as reels, with each column containing a variety of symbols. To win, you must land enough symbols on the payline covered by your bet.

A payline covers one position on every column as it’s a line of symbols that runs from the furthest left column to the furthest right column. Before playing, it’s vital to establish which pokies have fixed paylines because, with such pokies, the paylines are usually covered by your bet. This means that there are other pokies that allow you to select the number of paylines that you want your bet to cover.

Sometimes you may want the pokie to do the spinning for you; in such a scenario, you’ll have to select the autoplay option. With the autoplay option, all you have to do is choose the number of spins then the pokie will automatically spin the reels for that number of times, all while your bet level stays the same.

The autoplay option can only run if there is money until the money runs out, but you can also set it to stop after a win.

How To Win Money Online playing Pokies?

As you know, the main goal of all gamblers is to make money, and online pokies give you a sure and legal way to do that fast; all you have to do is place your bet and spin. Remember, you don't win by only spinning the reels; your spin must land on matching symbols on one of your paylines.

So, for you to receive a payout, the payline of the winning symbols must be covered by your bet. As for the winnings, it largely depends on the symbols and the number of symbols you’ve won with.

Most pokies require you to land at least three matching symbols on a payline to win, and they should be on a consecutive column beginning from the leftmost column. Since online casinos tend to differ on how they serve their customers and how to build loyalties, some tend to use “all-ways-win’ pokies.

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The “all-ways-win pokies are known to have no set paylines, and for you to win, you are required to land enough matching symbols on consecutive columns beginning with the leftmost reel. The best part about “all-ways-win’ pokies is that it doesn’t matter the order of the columns that the symbols are in as long as they are on consecutive columns.

Some pokies use cluster pays to make the pokie experience even more fun. With such pokies, all you need to win is land a set of matching symbols.

A cluster consists of at least three or more matching symbols with the symbols required to be either vertically adjacent or horizontal. These pokies are larger than regular pokies. At times pokies will issue you with a bonus round, offering you a chance to win an extra payout.

In most pokies, these bonus rounds often grant you free spins, while even some guarantee you a chance to win a cash prize.

Other than the regular pokies, there exist progressive jackpot pokie slots. These pokies are much different from the others since the other pokie slots tend to have a fixed jackpot which is the limit to what you could win, but with progressive pokie slots, you have no upper limit.

This means that with progressive jackpot slots, the payout keeps growing with each wager placed such that it can get up to seven or eight figures. Although with such a huge payout, your chances of winning are usually very slim.

Can I Cheat Pokies?

First, you need to understand that pokies are just like any other game where cheating is not tolerated and can be an arrestable offense. With that out of the way, cheating in pokies is almost impossible because each spin is unique and random.

Also, all online casinos that run pokie slots have ensured that all their games are unbiased and free, no matter the person playing.

Therefore, there isn't any honest way that you can use to influence the outcome of your spin. To ensure the pokies' impartiality, the casino operators ensure that the pokies are regularly checked to ensure that they don’t favor any players and are in the proper working condition.

The individuals hired to check the pokies are usually third parties that have developed ways to test for the impartiality of the pokie slots and if they are corrupt in any way.

Also, the third party ensures that the pokies are up to date and meet required standards. They also offer the pokies operators advice on how to maintain the pokie slots and how they can improve the customer experience. With all these precautions are taken to ensure that there is no cheating of any kind.

But if you are looking for tips to gain one over the pokie slot, all that you can find usually evolve around getting free spins as a result of casino bonuses, using the pokies payout rate to determine your bet amount and how you can make the most of your money.

Is It Possible to Beat Pokies?

As stated above, pokies are a game of chance, which means there's a way to beat them, but it depends entirely on luck. This is mainly because pokies winning combinations are known to be random and unique, and there’s no way that you can cheat that.

Therefore, all you have to do to beat the pokies is pick a bet amount and place it hoping that your spin lands on a winning combination. But it’s okay to look for an advantage given that it's legal and acceptable by the casino operators.

These advantages include trying to get a free spin or using the pokie payout rate to determine the best bet amount you can place for maximum reward. With all this, you must understand pokies are designed such that the casino always comes out on top in the long run. Therefore, it's tough to devise a way to ensure consistent winnings in the long term, thus rendering any of your playing strategies moot over time.

Though some pokies offer bonus rounds that require your decision-making skills to be at their peak, an example is when the pokie requires you to pick a symbol to reveal the cash prize. Again, this mainly relies on luck. Therefore, luck is the only key to beating pokies.

How Do Online Pokies Work?

Most online pokies are run by online casinos and can be accessed via the internet or by installing the pokie app on your mobile device. As for how online pokies work, it's quite more straightforward than most would think.

First, the online pokies display comprises a grid consisting of columns and rows. With most pokies, they are always about three symbols on each column and five symbols on each row, making up a total of fifteen symbols.

Therefore, each reel contains a random and different lineup of symbols alongside which there is a spin or play button.

Since most physical pokies at the casinos have a lever, you pull to play, but with online pokies, all you've got to do is press the play or spin button. Once you press the button, the reels are automatically spun, after which they come to a stop.

To determine if you've won, the pokie will look at the symbols displayed on the grid and determine if you've landed on any winning combination. If you’ve landed on a winning combination, then a payout is initiated, but if not, you’ll have to spin the reels one more time to see if the next time is the charm.

Remember, you can only keep spinning if your bet is still on, but if it's up, you must place another bet to keep playing.

Also, whenever you win, remember to claim your payout before you keep on playing because the pokie will keep running even into your winnings. Remember, most pokies are just like any other casino games; the house always comes out on top.

Can We Hack Australian Pokies?

Pokies have become very popular in Australia, making their operators as vigilant as ever to ensure no one can influence them. Like how it's nearly impossible to beat pokies, hacking them is even more challenging, and not forgetting that it's an arrestable offense.

Pokies operators in Australia have ensured that their games are created using the latest state-of-the-art technology, which also comes with the most up-to-date security, which is inbuilt. Also, pokie operators in Australia tend to hire third-party experts whose main job is ensuring that the pokes are in the right state and impartial, and if there is any problem, they are mandated to fix the said problem.

Also, Australian pokies have embraced and invested in advanced security software and firewalls designed to keep their clients safe and secure when playing one of the pokies. With such extensive security protocols, the chances of a hacker getting past the pokies' defenses and firewalls are highly limited.

It’s obvious that there’s no thrilling experience like that of watching the reels spin as you wait for them to stop. But it's important to note that gambling, especially pokies are highly addictive, which is why you should gamble responsibly.

Therefore, whenever you decide to play pokies, it's best to set a limit on the amount of money you will spend, and if you pass that limit, you have to stop and take a break to reconsider no matter what the winning or losses. Remember, cheating in pokies or trying to hack pokies are arrestable offenses, so never try them.

No, online slot machines are controlled by secure operators, it is impossible to cheat.

It is possible to win several million at online pokies. A player to win more than 9 million on the Mega Moolah pokie.

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