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Play Online Blackjack : Free Game & Real Money Bonuses

Play blackjack online for free to practice and enjoy the best bonuses to win real money on our blackjack casino 2024 list.

Play Blackjack Online Australia

Blackjack is a fairly simple card game enjoyed by casino players around the world. Play online against real croupiers thanks to the live casino.

Our team invites you to discover the rules, tips and techniques to win at blackjack 21 in Australia. Play online blackjack for free and improve your techniques.

Discover our ranking of the best online casino sites to play Blackjack for real money and enjoy the best bonuses.

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In Australia, gamblers have access to various online game cards. Online Blackjack is among them and a favourite to a more significant percentage of the population. When playing, a gamer aims to have cards in their hands that could sum up to 21 and above to defeat the dealer.

Many players are attracted to this game of skills because of its rich history. Secondly, players can put on their strategies while handling the outcome through the right decision-making.

This article presents a guideline for depth research on Online Blackjack in Australia, the best variants and the pros and cons of each. Read out to find more on Online Blackjack real money.

How to play blackjack  ?

One thing about this game is that it is not hard to master as compared to the rest. As a player, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules. And one of the easiest ways to learn and master the game is by knowing some of the terms used. In this section, you will read the basic rules and later on, you will learn more about the terminologies used in this game.

rules blackjack online

Below are the Rules:

The first rule of blackjack is that gamblers play with a single deck of 52 cards, though this is not standard, as there may be variations with other decks.

In Australia Blackjack, there is a single card for dealer rule. Here, the dealer starts distributing a single-up card at the start of each hand. Under this rule, a dealer will not second themselves until all the actions from the player are completed. After that, they can continue with the hit-or-stand process.

Blackjack allows wagers to double down every time they possess a 9, 10, or 11 total. Australian blackjack is quite different from other blackjacks, as it limits the double-down alternative to three specific totals that is 9, 10 or 11. The rule brings few changes to the game as most gamers using the optimal strategy will be doubling these benefits totals.

In this game, players are restricted to the surrender option, unlike other blackjack games. Therefore, there is no surrender option, meaning a player will have to take their cards however weaker they might be.

The other rule is cards have different values. For instance, you count Aces as 1 or 11, leading to a soft combination.

In the game, the gamer has several options like surrender, splitting and insurance. Unlike other games, blackjack isn't based on luck. It also includes the players' decisions, like hit, split, stand, double down or surrender.

The game has printable charts to help the gamer understand the best time to hit or stand. You have the combination of the following cards, 10, J, Q or K, with an Ace, referred to as a Blackjack worth 21 points.

Best Blackjack Variants to Play

Over the last decades, there have been introductions of blackjack variation in casinos. The primary reason for the injection of the variation is to bring new life into the old love game by adding excitement and thrill. Here are some of the best variations of this famous game in Australia.

playing online blackjack

European Blackjack

The European variant of blackjack is similar to roulette. Like online roulette, European blackjack gives its players better odds than their American counterparts. One thing about this variant is that it involves two decks of cards.

With the two cards on the deck, it becomes quite easy for a player to predict the game cards. Compared to other variants that involve dozens of cards on the deck, this version has few, making it easy for gamers.

The other feature of this variant that makes it stand out is that the dealer stands on soft 17. Those that have experience in blackjack can try this version if they are after a new challenge. Gamblers can double down if their cards show 9, 10 or 11, making blackjacks pay 3:2.

Classic Blackjack

Among all the variants, classic blackjack is the favourite form of card game in Australia and other parts of the globe. In this variant, the house edge is low, and the rules are quite easy to master; lastly, compared to poker, it is more social than poker.

Face Up 21

Players have a great deal on their hands when they play face-up 21. In this variant, both dealers' cards are dealt and shown face up. Players can learn how to play when they see two cards instead of one. Unfortunately, it is not the best news for gamblers when it comes to this variant.

Look at the following example. A dealer hits on soft 17 defeating a player in blackjack, and in the end, the blackjack ends up paying even money. In this variant, players can only double down on 9, 10, and 11.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

With Perfect Pairs Blackjack, every player can win huge amounts. Especially to those with the mentality that a great betting strategy is more crucial than a better playing approach. This variant has some similarities with classic blackjack in terms of rules, with a gambling twist.

So at the start of every hand, a player can make an additional side bet. The extra bet will reveal whether the two cards dealt with will be similar.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is one of the favourite variations of blackjack. In this game, all the '10' cards are taken out. Surprisingly, this will not boost the house's edge since the rules favour the player. Therefore, in the end, it turns out to be more than even.

This variant is well-known to be friendly to gamblers more than the classic blackjack. In this variant, the dealer stands on soft 17, which is different from the face-up 21, and player blackjacks always defeat the dealer.

Free Blackjack or Real Money Blackjack

Blackjack games are increasingly becoming popular in Australia. They are one of the simplest card games to claim. They have their pros and cons;


  • In free blackjack, you don't have to sign up. You can start playing immediately.
  • In free blackjack, you don't have to worry about losing any real money.
  • Free blackjack is simply for entertainment and a proper way to practice strategies and skills.
  • Real money blackjack allows players to make real deposits of as low as $10 using credit cards, checks, bank transfers and cryptocurrency.
  • More variants are available in real money blackjack, for example, Spanish 21, classic blackjack, face-up 21 and perfect pairs blackjack.
  • In real money, blackjack players can win huge prizes in tournaments and plenty of promotions and bonuses.


  • Players play against the computers as there is no physical contact with other players.
  • You must register at an online casino to play real money blackjack.
  • In real money blackjack, you can easily lose money if you do not have strategies to help you win.
  • In real money blackjack, credit card deposit fees and withdrawals via bank transfers are charged.

Free Online Blackjack in Australia

Gamblers in Australia have access to free online blackjack casinos that allow them to have fun without paying any real money. Free online blackjack is amazing because a player can learn the game freely and develop strategies without risking his real money. Enjoy popular free blackjack games from Slingo originals with no signup, registrations or downloads needed.

Online Blackjack with Real money in Australia

Australia has many options for depositing real money to play some blackjack variants. You can sign up and deposit real money in these top casinos to start gambling immediately. Top casino sites to look out for are Millionz Casino, Casinozer or Mystake online casino, which offer a great selection of up to 16 blackjack Variants.

However, be keen on casinos regulated by an international gaming authority, providing security for your details and financial information. Secondly, be sure of the blackjack game withdrawal options. Consider sites that offer quick cash out, mainly less than three working days, to enjoy your payout.

online blackjack 21

Best Strategies to Win Money at Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is interesting as it is just like playing computer games in a video game–type setting. You can hear and talk to the dealer and other players by typing in the chat screen. However, it requires knowledge and skills, so you have to master the following strategies to be a professional and pro player to win.

  • Set your online playing limits to ensure that every bet represents at most 5% of your total bankroll.
  • Set your time limit when playing online blackjack.
  • Keep the cards separate from two 10s and two 5s. We recommend you split a pair of 8s.
  • Master the rules sheet; Know when to stand; do it at a value greater than 16.

Can I make counting Cards at Online Blackjack?

Counting cards at online blackjack is nearly impossible, and there would be no value in doing so. Casinos use a random number generator to deal with the cards. The digital cards are reshuffled after every round using a shuffle machine and cannot be made to a player's advantage.

Important Terms to Know at Blackjack

  • Stand – ending your turn by not acting, for example, when a player has cards that they feel are sufficiently strong to beat a dealer.
  • Hit –to request an additional card when the player has a hand with less than 21 cards. For example, when the player has dealt with the two first cards.
  • Split–The first two cards of equal face value are split into different hands with equal bets on each hand. For example, two queens.
  • Double– After the initial two cards are dealt, a player with a king and an ace may choose to double their initial bet.
  • Blackjack is the game name and the strongest hand comprising a face card and an ace.
  • Even money– a side bet offered by a casino to a player with a blackjack in case the dealer shows an Ace up-card that is equally stronger during the game.
  • First base– the leftmost betting position from the dealer's point of view. The player in the first base is always the first to receive the cards and act.
  • Hole card– obtaining knowledge from the dealer's face-down card and using it to your advantage.
  • Surrender –returning half of your bets and ending your turn immediately. Surrendering can help reduce losses.
  • Up card– a playing card dealt face up and left on the table for other gamblers to see. It gives gamblers valuable information about the dealer's position and his chances of winning.

How to win at Blackjack with the best Strategy Charts?

Blackjack strategy charts guide the best moves mathematically depending on the information available. The chart tells you exactly when to hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender. Consider using them until you have learned the moves for yourself.

The Best Way to Deposit and Cash Out on Online Blackjack

You cannot deny that there is a special feeling whenever you plan to withdraw cash, and you are sure you will find it. Bitcoin is the most popular method of online banking transactions among Australian players.

Most players view bitcoin as the fastest and the most convenient way to get real money in and out of an online blackjack casino. It takes only a few hours to process the first payment, but you can carry out transactions instantly at a meager banking cost.

Additionally, any third party does not regulate bitcoins, and you get to enjoy complete anonymity as all your personal information is secured.

Blackjack online games are the best and simplest for adventurous players who want to play for free or use real money. It is essential to acquire knowledge and strategies first. You can start playing free online blackjack and master the strategies. Then confidently move to real-money blackjack, and use the strategies well for possible wins.

Absolutely, it is possible to play for real money online. The online casinos we offer offer different payment methods such as cryptocurrency, Australian dollars or neosurf prepaid cards.

It is possible to play blackjack online from Australia. There are many international online casinos that offer to play all variations of real money blackjack.

Playing blackjack online allows you to have fun and earn money while staying at home. Compete against real dealers online and win big!

It has become almost impossible to count cards in online blackjack. Casinos mix between 5 and 7 full games per shoe to prevent players from cheating.

Deal one card face up to each player, followed by one card face down to the dealer. He then deals a second face-up card to each player, followed by the dealer’s face-up card. Make sure the cards are laid out diagonally so both numbers on each card are visible.

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