Plinko Casino Review, Test and Tips

Plinko is commonly classified as an online slot machine, but it offers an extremely different playing experience. The game is designed to reduce the monotony of regular casino games. It also suits different types of players as you can adjust the volatility and level of risk.

We have played the game at different volatility levels to determine the quality of the player experience. Read this review to see if Plinko is for you.

The Best promotion to play on Plinko casino

Online casinos are famous for offering generous bonuses and promotions. The best offer for this game is the $1000 welcome bonus on Mystake Casino.

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This offer matches your initial deposit by 100%. You have to deposit at least minimum of $20 in order to claim this bonus. Since the bonus doesn’t have any wagering requirements, you can withdraw your money after wagering it once. Make sure you use the bonus within 14 days of claiming it.

Plinko, a game created by Upgaming

Plinko was created by Upgaming, a software provider that was established in 2018 and is based in Kyiv. The game is based on the American gameshow ‘The Price is Right’. In this gameshow, contests have to guess the prices of merchandise to win various prizes. Plinko follows the same concept, but it offers players different risk levels.

As a player, you have to drop balls from the top of the board of pins. The box in which the ball eventually lands will determine the bet multiplier prize. It goes up to 1000 times your stake. You also have to select the number of pins you want to play with.

plinko casino 2

With more pins, you will have a lower chance of winning. However, the potential rewards will be much higher. It is worth noting that the prizes in the game will not necessarily lead to a profit. The high multipliers are available on the edges, while the centre multipliers are lower than 1X.

UpGaming has many other games. This software developer is known for creating unique games, and these are known as Turbo games. They combine elements of new generation and traditional casino games.

One of the most popular Upgaming games is dino. This game is known for its high levels of intensity. While it is commonly classified as an online slot, it deviates greatly from regular slot machines. It doesn’t have any reels, symbols, or winning lines. It is built as a crash game, and you have to cash out at the point where the coefficient is at its highest.

Another greatUpgaming game is Chicken. Again, this game requires you to guess the best time to cash out without losing your entire stake. It has a super high return to player rate of 97%. Like many other games from this software provider, Mines uses the provably fair system.

Upgaming also offers a game known as Aquarings. This game has very simple graphics, and it doesn’t even use the soccer theme. It only reveals footballs on the tiles when you click on them. Again, this game lacks a bonus feature.

How to play Plinko casino?

To play Plinko in online casinos, you have to first sign up on a legitimate gambling site. This process involves adding personal details like your name, address, preferred currency, username, and password.

You may also need to add a promo code. Once you create an account on the platform, you have to follow these steps:

  • Make a deposit to the site, and this can be done using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
  • Go to the slots section of the casino and pick ‘Plinko’ from the games list
  • Click the game and indicate whether you want to play for free or real money
  • Set the bet size and select the colour of the reels you want to play with. There are three colours of reels available, and the one you choose will determine the volatility of the game.
  • Choose the number of rows to determine the multiplier. There are three available options in this case: 12, 14, and 16.
  • You can choose the auto betting feature to play multiple times.

What are the features of Plinko casino?

There are many unique features of this casino game. One of these is the fact that it uses the provably fair system. You need to be sure that the game is fair, and this system makes it easy for you to verify the randomness of the games.

plinko gameplay

Provably fair games are based on blockchain technology. By exploring the blockchain, you will be able to see that the seeds are generated continuously after every couple of rounds.

The other feature of the game is the auto betting option. If you choose the manual betting option, you will have to choose a bet size and select the colour and play for only one round. The auto play feature allows you to play multiple rounds with the same bet size and colours.

The disks will start to drop through the pins. Since you will play multiple rounds, you will have a greater probability of getting larger multipliers.

Plinko game has three different volatility levels, so you can pick an option that meets your preferences. The volatility level is determined by the colour you select. The colour with the lowest volatility is green, and you will only be able to lose half your bet. At the same time, your maximum possible win will be a little lower.

The riskiest colour is red, so you will be able to win very large amounts of money with this option. Yellow balls offer moderate levels of volatility. The level of risk will also vary depending on the number of pins you choose.

Plinko casino

Again, you will have three options to pick from. The options are low, medium and high, with 8 to 16 rows, which is the highest level of risk and potential returns.

If you want to choose volatility,  your maximum possible winnings will be as follows:

  • Plinko Low Game risk : winnings from 0.5x to 16x
  • Plinko Medium Game risk : winnings from 0.3x to 110x
  • Plinko High Game risk : winnings from 0.2x to 1000x

How to Play Plinko for free

Plinko can be played on demo mode or for real money. Playing for free can give you a chance to master the rules of the game and practice your betting strategy. You don’t necessarily need to sign up in a casino to play this game for free.

You can simply launch it and set your bet size. From there, you will have to pick a colour and the number of pins. You should remember that playing on demo mode will not give you a chance to win any real money. This is only meant to be a fun experience. You should also remember that it is easier to win when playing on demo mode. This is meant to encourage you to keep playing.

Plinko a mobile casino game?

You can play Plinko casino game on your smartphone or tablet. This is because the game has been optimized for these devices. However, the playing experience might be poor in older devices. You should consider using devices that run on Android 8.0 or later versions as these will support the game perfectly.

If you are using an iOS device, you should consider using devices that run on iOS version 11.0 or later versions.

You can choose to play the mobile game on demo mode or for real money. It is also essential to take the time to find an excellent mobile casino. Many gambling platforms are only meant to be used on desktop devices and will offer a poor mobile gaming experience.

Ideally, you should go for a casino that has a mobile application. Another thing you should be careful about is the security features of the mobile casino. It should be secured with SSL encryption, and you must download all updates when they are released. This is because updates help to solve any vulnerabilities in the applications.

What are the Plinko game variants?

The most popular variant of Plinko is Plinko XY. This game was developed by BGaming and offers a return to player rate of about 99%. Again, you will have to enter the bet size and desired risk level when playing this game.

It is quite engaging and features a dark theme. You should note that BGaming released its first Plinko game in 2019, but the new version has been updated to offer a better gaming experience.

Our Review one the game Plinko casino

We have tested this game and determined that it is one of the best games you can play in online casinos like Mystake or Millionz. It has one of the highest RTPs recorded in online casinos, and you can win very high amounts of money.

If your risk appetite is lower, you can pick a different colour and adjust the number of pins to match your preferences. However, you should remember that lower risk also means you will have lower maximum winnings. A great thing about this game is that it is original and can give you a break from the regular casino games.

To collect your Plinko casino game winnings, it is possible to use several payment methods on Mystake, we find :

  • The bank transfer
  • Cryptocurrency
  • The electronic wallet

The best bonus for playing plinko is the $1000 offer from the online casino Mystake.

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November 30, 2022 Plinko Casino Review, Test and Tips
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